SQL Saturday Madison – Recap and Speaker Feedback

First things first: THANK YOU to the organizers, volunteers, speakers and sponsors for putting on yet another amazing SQL Saturday in Madison WI. I had a fantastic time, as I expected. Well done all around.

I attended some excellent sessions that day. I particularly want to call out Andy Yun (B | T) for an excellent session on SQL Server Data Types. I got a couple of ideas from attending his session that I want to add to my own presentation. Andy did a great job illustrating the advantages of selecting the right data types for the data you have, and more importantly, what you want to do with it. I was even able to use some of his points in discussions at work already.

One of the things I really like is the feedback I get from my sessions. I’m consistently surprised how many people show up to my sessions in the first place. This time, I got some fantastic feedback this time, from some obviously experienced people. I’m going to condense and respond to some of that here.

“Work on not talking to the monitor during demos.”  Yeah, I have a problem with this. Will do!

“Explain named transactions more.” Got it. I think I mention naming a transaction in passing, but I don’t really explain what a named transaction is. I’ll add a bit about that.

“Do ‘Who Am I?’ first. Disjointed transition between goals and self.”  Good point. Thanks!

“Explain how log backups affect the tran log and the difference between simple and full recovery models.” Ok, time for me to confess something. For some reason I don’t remember, I thought this was supposed to be a 60 minute session instead of a 75 minute session. So I had cut a couple things out, and one of them happened to be an explanation of log behavior in the various recovery modes. I should have had that handy and put it back in. I will be adding it back to the session soon.

“Add some visual drawings in the slides explaining VLF reuse and the circular use of the transaction log.” Yep – this was another thing I cut for time. Also, I wasn’t happy with how my initial iteration of that came out, and planned to re-do it anyway. Plus, I thought it made more sense the way it looked in the demo. So yes, this will be back.

“Light green font was hard to read from the back.” I changed color schemes on this presentation about six times. Apparently, I didn’t pick a good one. :-)  I’ve already planned on changing that, as well.

So thanks to everyone who provided feedback to me. I really do take it seriously and consider it very valuable. Presentation materials are available on my resources page, linked at the top.

That’s that! See you in Rochester? :-)

Thanks for reading.



3 thoughts on “SQL Saturday Madison – Recap and Speaker Feedback

  1. Jeff April 26, 2015 / 9:15 am

    Thanks for coming out to Madison. As a local, I especially appreciate speakers from other areas sacrificing time!


    • dmmaxwell April 29, 2015 / 3:07 pm

      You’re most welcome. I had a great time. :-)


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