SQL Saturday Roundup

After having an absolute BLAST in Cleveland for SQL Saturday 241, I got busy getting some things ready for the rest of this year. Hopefully some good stuff coming your way.

In addition to Cleveland, I have a few more SQL Saturdays coming up that I wanted to highlight. The schedule page has been updated to reflect this. My session, DBA 911 – Database Corruption, continues to be very popular. I should really add a next-level session with more on different types of corruption, data internals and CHECKDB. That would be fun.

SQL Saturday 287 in Madison WI – I’ll be presenting and volunteering there on March 29 2014. This is a totally new city for me, and I’m looking forward to meeting the team up there, and checking out what Madison has to offer.

SQL Saturday 291 in Chicago IL – I’m definitely no stranger to Chicago, or to their SQL Saturdays, but this time I get to view it from the speaker’s perspective, instead of an attendee. Definitely looking forward to catching up with everyone there.

SQL Saturday 299 in Columbus OH – I’m helping to organize this one a bit (or at least as much as my schedule has allowed recently…)  We’re still accepting speaker submissions, and looking for volunteers.  If you’re interested in speaking, please sign up on the website.  If you’re looking to volunteer, you can do that there as well, or feel free to contact me personally if that’s your preference.

I hope to see you there. Thanks for reading.



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