“Train” Wreck

So MS has announced the end of the MCM, MCSM, and MCA programs for SQL Server. I haz a disappoint. Not because I had been studying fast and furious for certification exams, but because I had finally started to see some recognition for those particular certifications as being worthwhile and meaningful. Those weren’t exams you could cram for. Your study program for those was a boatload of research, experimentation, and years of experience. I think it’s not just a poor decision, but poorly executed on MS’ part. I won’t go into what many others have said, suffice to say I do have my own spin on it.

I wish I could say I was surprised, but I’m not. I’m not too sure about the MCA certification, but from what I understand, the MCM and MCSM were solely Database Engine focused. That means there was no BI component to those particular levels. In the MCSM track, there were lower level certification exams that involved BI components, but at the Master level, it was all Database Engine. I suspect *very* strongly that this is signaling a continued change in MS’ focus from the engine to the BI components. I expect we will continue to see the engine de-emphasized over time, and a heavy, heavy effort placed on marketing and building up the BI portfolio.

Anyway – Enough of that. While we still have a data engine, we still have learning to do. And while people want to learn, I will continue to teach.

So… I will be speaking at my home PASS chapter in Columbus OH on September 12, 2013 at 6PM. Come early for social time, and stick around to hear my thoughts on Database Corruption.

If you miss that, or are a little bit East of here, I’ll be giving the presentation again, a couple days later, at SQL Saturday #250 in Pittsburgh PA. There’s an excellent lineup of speakers planned, and I would encourage everyone in range to attend. Did I mention it’s free? Register here.

Thanks for reading.



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