SQL Saturday #242 Follow Ups and Feedback Review

SQL Saturday #242 is over, and it was one of the best times I’ve had in a while. The sessions I attended were great, and I got to spend time with some really cool people. This community is one I’m very proud to be a part of.

As far as my own session went, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you! One non-positive comment I received was in regards to putting more information on the slides. I try to keep the slides clean, but I put much more info in the notes. So if you have downloaded the slide deck, you should have the notes as well, which should give you the information you need. (Be glad it wasn’t one of my Takahashi / Lessig style presentations, where there’s no text on the slides at all. Just images.)

Also, I feel like the point of attending a session is to listen to the presenter, rather than read what’s on the slides. It’s a deliberate choice on my part to keep the slides simple, but to embellish on the topic by going into detail verbally, then inviting discussion. I assume people are attending sessions because they want to focus on the speaker, so that’s how I build my presentations. Otherwise, why not just download the slides and skip the session? :-)

I got a couple of questions I didn’t have immediate answers for during the presentation, so here’s my follow up on those.

1. If you run CHECKDB with TABLERESULTS and ALL_ERRORMSGS, do you get more than the first 1000 error messages in SSMS?

According to Books Online, no. SSMS will still only return the first 1000 error messages. However, I ran a quick test on it myself, and I’m not so sure. I’m going to ask a couple of people to look at my POC code just to make sure I didn’t do something odd, and let you know once I get an answer.

2. Does dbi_DBCCLastKnownGood get updated if you run CHECKDB with PHYSICAL_ONLY?

Yes. The only options I could run CHECKDB with and not update LastKnownGood was ESTIMATEONLY, which makes perfect sense. However, I’ll also direct you to this article by Erin Stellato, who goes into more detail on what checks will update LastKnownGood.

And that’s a wrap on SQL Saturday #242, easily one of my favorite SQL Saturdays to date. I’m now looking forward to SQL Saturday #250 in Pittsburgh PA. I hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading.



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