SQL Saturday #242 This Weekend!


In about 48 hours, give or take a few, I’ll be on my way to Indianapolis IN for SQL Saturday #242. I can’t wait. :-)  My session will be on database corruption and repair, a topic that I’ve had a lot of fun with. Hopefully, I’ll get some good feedback and follow-up questions on it. Anything that requires follow up, I will post here.

There are tons of good sessions going on there, though. I’m just as excited about attending as I am presenting. I’m planning on going to the following:

First, I always attend the WIT panel. You should too.

Kevin Boles – Windowing Functions: THE reason to upgrade to 2012.

Neil Hambly – MDS and DQS – Beyond the TLAs to Data Quality.

Luke Jian – Anatomy of a Join.

And as always, I’ll be at whatever social events are happening afterwards. That’s where the really good conversation and networking happens. You should go.

I hope to see you there. :-)




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