Upcoming SQL Saturdays

I’m going to be attending two SQL Saturdays in the near future, for anyone who is interested in meeting up.

SQL Saturday #214 – Louisville, KY. I’ll be volunteering at this one, and will have my Daughter in tow, so my socialization time may be limited. I’m bringing E because I think it’s important for her to see what dad gets up to when he visits these far-flung cities on the weekend, and it may just get her interested in IT, as well. That and it’s a good opportunity for us to spend some one-on-one time together. :-)

SQL Saturday #242 – Indiannapolis, IN. I’ll be speaking at this one, presenting a new session: DBA 911 – Database Corruption, covering the ins and outs of checking for, diagnosing, and dealing with database corruption. We’ll be talking a lot about CHECKDB(), agent alerts, backups and restores, and what to do when that corruption error finally shows up. You’ll be ready.

And it may go without saying, but I’ll be at the post-event socials as well. You should go to those. Seriously.

Looking forward to seeing you there.



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