Quick Tip: SSMS Pseudo-Full Screen View

I have a number of nervous and idle habits that may potentially annoy my cube neighbors. They haven’t complained, yet. One of my habits is that when I’m working on a particularly interesting or annoying script, I will randomly click around the query window. Click, click, click. I was doing this a couple of days ago, and for some reason, I was clicking on the tab at the top of the query window, where the name of the script is.

Tabbed T-SQL Window
Normal tabbed view.

Then, I double clicked on it.

Floating Window
Ooh, that’s neat.

Ooh, that’s neat, I thought. Then I clicked on the maximize button, and this is what I got.

Almost Full Screen
Full screen, but I still have my taskbar.

Awesome. Finally, I restored the window and dragged it back into SSMS to put it back into tabbed view.

Drag To Center
Drag and drop it back where it was.

Now, let me explain: Another habit of mine is sliding the mouse to the left or right of the screen when I’m coding. Sharp-eyed readers will notice that that’s where my side panes are minimized. So when I’m trying to focus on the code, I inevitably cause the side panes to slide out in front of where I’m either reading or typing. Now, I could just put SSMS into full screen to hide the panes, but I’m not a fan of that either, because I have status icons in my taskbar I want to see. This is a perfect hybrid for me, and it even gets the SSMS toolbars out of the way. Bonus! I figured if it was useful to me, it might be useful to someone else as well. So here you go.

Thanks for reading.


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