Ada Lovelace Day

I try to keep the content on here as technical as I can, but I would be in error if I did not mention a few of my favorite women in technology on Ada Lovelace Day.

First is Erin Stellato. Erin has assisted me on multiple occasions and has been both a source of encouragement and inspiration for some time. I would consider her an expert on SQL Server internals and performance. She blogs at both and You should follow her on Twitter as well, at @erinstellato.

Second is Kendra Little. I have spoken with Kendra many times. She’s about as well versed in SQL Server as you can get, and is very approachable. Kendra is a consultant for Brent Ozar PLF, and you can find her writings at or You should follow her on Twitter at @Kendra_Little.

Third is Jen Myers. I have known Jen for quite some time, and am proud of the association. Jen is an exceptional UI designer and developer and an outstanding community organizer, who knows how to motivate people. You can see what she’s up to at and should also be following her on Twitter at @antiheroine.

Yes, there are a TON of other women I should, and want to mention. WordPress doesn’t have enough storage for me to list them all. I have met each of these ladies in person, and they never fail to amaze me with the things they are doing, or how well they do them. Most importantly, each of them has had a hand in getting me to where I am today, and I am grateful for that.

So thanks, ladies. You make IT a better place to be.



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